Reservation nødvendig / Reservation necessary / Reservierung notvendig + 45 21 40 41 81 eller + 45 41 42 90 36

Departure from Klintholm Habour 2018


As a rule, we try to start out the season at Easter every year with daily departures as shown in the schedule

below. Please always contact us by phone and book your trip in advance.



April - June ( + Easter)

10 AM, 12 PM and 2 PM

July- August

10 AM, 12 PM, 02 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM

September - October

2 PM and 4 PM



0-2 Years


3-11 Years

90 DKK

12 - Years (Adults)

175 DKK

Prices and payment


Please remember to bring cash. Unfortunately we do not accept either Danish or foreign credit cards on board.



- is necesarry and should happen by phone


+ 45 21 40 41 81


+ 45 41 42 90 36



If you are a group, there is a possibility of arranging a sailing trip only for you, e.g. for a birthday a pre-wedding celebration a reception etc. and such can easily be made at other times than those mentioned above.



Other Information


Walking impared are also welcome on board.

About the Sail



A trip takes 2 hours and during the trip, we explain a bit about the story of Møns Klint.


* * *


We aim to leave on time, so please make sure to be at the boat well in advance.


* * *

The boat is equipped with tables and benches for your comfort and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages.


* * *


The sea is a couple of degrees colder than the mainland, so it will be wisely to bring a windbreaker and/or long pants.



See you soon!